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15th July 2016

Ruth came and gave my daughters feet a thorough examination and then diagnosis. She explained carefully and clearly the issues and possible treatments. She went on to treat my daughters feet with care and obvious expertise. She explained what she was doing with each step and is very knowledgable within this field. My daughter was completely at ease and in no pain during the treatment. Ruth is friendly, professional and caring. I recommend her to anyone.

Rachel Slade

25th March 2016

Ruth came to my house and after a thorough examination of my feet she made a couple of diagnosis. She then explained why these conditions had occurred and told me what we would need to do to fix them and what she’d be doing today. She made sure I was comfortable at all times and was so thorough changing tools and making sure not to hurt. When Ruth was finally convinced she’d done all she could to make sure there were no burrs or rough patches she applied a moisturising lotion and massaged my feet to help my circulation. My feet immediately felt better with no more pain and they’re already looking much better. Ruth clearly has a passion for footcare and a wealth of knowledge. I strongly recommend asking Ruth to take care of your feet so you too can tread comfortably.

Sarah Ellis

2nd July 2016

Thank you so much Ruth. Very professional and explained what id need doing , she also told me how I could help and treat myself which I thought was lovely of her ( not just after my business ) , I’ve booked another appointment and would certainly recommend her services . Thank you again Ruth X

Tracey Rae

Ruth came to my house and was absolutely lovely, very professional, thorough and helpful. Would definitely recommend

– Marie Atkinkson

Ruth came to my house, on Tuesday , what a professional lady, understanding, extremely knowledgeable, and very gentle but thorough……
A true credit to her profession 😉

– Michelle Watson

2nd March 2016

I trained with Ruth at SMAE, she was always cheerful and enthusiastic, patients loved her and you will too.

Kim O’Sullivan


30th August 2016

I asked Ruth to come and sort out what I thought was going to become an ingrowing toe nail, but Ruth doesn’t just look at one area, she performs a full foot health check and found other areas which needed attention and have now been saved from getting worse. I’m so grateful to have found someone with such a passion for foot care, she refused to stop until she was doubly sure she’d done all she could to help me, then topped it all off with a nice massage. And I’m pleased to say me feet looked better instantly and are looking better every day and the ingrowing toe nail was sorted out with no more pain.

Sara Lewis


25th November 2016

Ruth is a brilliant Foot Health Practitioner! Well worth a visit from her!

Mary Gravells

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